KONET MILLS LIMITED is an agricultural company and a manufacturer of Floursal Plantain flour and stellar feeds, a natural based poultry and fish feed used by poultry and fish farmers in Nigeria to grow and produce hygienic and nutritious livestock products for best human consumption experience. We are also the superior automated feed machineries supplier to the Nigerian market, fabricated in China. Click here to see our floating fish feed Extruder

FlourSal Plantain

Nutritional Value

FlourSal Plantain is a flour product from dried fine milled and pulverized plantain slices. Plantain is rich in vitamins most especially Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and carotene and its low fat content makes it a delight for children, teens adults and people suffering from cholesterol related ailments such as obesity, diabetes, gallstone e.t.c.

Feed Mill Machineries

Stellar Feeds 

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