Feed Mill Machineries

Why get a feed mill ?

Farmers keeping more than 3,000 birds / Fishes are always advised to have their feed mill so that they can compound their own ration on the farm.

This will reduce feeding costs, it's also an additional source of income, when farmer compounds feeds for other farmers. Click here to see a 1ton/hr feed milling machinery

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Why Organic? 

Organic products are no longer a fad favoured only by a select few, but a way of ensuring the use of healthy, traceable and sustainable ingredients in your animal’s feed. People choose to go organic for many different reasons ranging from health concerns to the environment.

Personal Health

Many believe that the use of chemicals in food production can be harmful to health and also have concerns regarding the rising levels of chemicals which they are exposed to on a daily basis.

The stringent practices and certification behind organic animal feeds ensures that no chemicals are used. For anyone wanting confidence that any eggs, milk or meat produced is purely organic, then feeding The Organic Feed Company products, combined with organic husbandry and land practices will ensure that any produce is truly chemical free!

Environmental Issues

The strict guidelines governing organic farming ensures that any negative impact on the environment from food production is greatly reduced.

Soil is the key tool for organic farming and its balance can easily be upset by the use of chemicals.  The use of natural fertilisers such as manure, rather than chemicals ensures high nutrient levels in the soil without upsetting the delicate balance of our planet.

Many believe that organic farming can help to reduce the loss of species which can be caused by the widespread use of chemicals.  Bio-diversity is of crucial importance to ensure a stable environment as the loss of species can affect the delicate balance of our planet.

Organic food tastes great!

Many people choose organic food because they believe it tastes better than non-organic. As testament to this, many of our customers are adamant that their eggs, milk or meat taste better since using our range of organic feeds. As no artificial growth promoters are used in any of our products, animals grow at a slower rate which is believed to make their meat or other products such as eggs richer in flavour.

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